I have lived in the United States all my life and it wasn't until a few years ago that I traveled outside of the country for the first time. The experience I had while in Germany was lovely but it didn't cause me to fall in love with the country or even the idea of moving to a foreign country. At most it made me want to travel more.

Earlier that year I had just gotten back into photography and upgraded to a full frame DSLR, spent a two week driving around the Midwest looking for and exploring abandoned buildings. When I traveled to Germany I myself doing more street and landscape photography, which I really enjoyed.

Then COVID hit and threw out my plans for 2020. I spent the year pretty much hauled up in my apartment reflecting on my life choices, hobbies, and where I live. So what made me decide that it was time to move abroad?

There is no one single reason or event that made me say "I want to move to another country!" Throughout my life I never felt that I really fit into American culture. It's a weird juxtaposition of independence and tribal nature that made it feel as if I could never be myself. Consumerism and materialism has never been on my side and despise the barrage of commercials telling me I need this or that to be desirable or that I should talk to my doctor if my eggplant is a little "odd" looking.

What it comes down to is that I don't want to be stuck in the same general area or even country for my entire life. This brings me to my first hurdle, "Where should I go?" Unfortunately, I can't answer that right now because I don't know. In fact I am not even sure if I want to move to another English speaking country. With that I am going to leave it there until I have explored the possibilities more.